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Criminal Sexual Conduct- First Degree

Criminal Sexual Conduct- First Degree - Not Guilty by Jury

Attorney Jordan’s client was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct In the first degree after a young girl said he touched her one night in bed when he was dating her mother. The disclosure was completely out of the blue as Attorney Jordan’s client and the girl’s mother had not been in a relationship for two years. At the time he was charged he was about to get married and start a family.

The case was tried in 36th district court in Detroit. Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree charges are about as serious as it gets in the world of criminal charges. Attorney Jordan’s client faced a mandatory 25-year prison sentence, followed by registering as a sex offender on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry for life and a lifetime of wearing a GPS monitor.

Attorney Jordan found himself defending a client in court where there was not a mountain of evidence -- just the allegation of one person. That one person was a very sympathetic victim. After a four-week trial, the verdict was Not Guilty by Jury!!