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Armed Robbery
Felony Firearm

Carjacking - Not Guilty by Jury
Armed Robbery - Not Guilty by Jury
Felony Firearm - Not Guilty by Jury

Dashawn Watson retained criminal defense Attorney Carl Jordan to represent him on carjacking, armed robbery and felony firearm charges. On June 20, 2011, the case of State of Michigan vs Dashawn Watson went to trial in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit.

During the jury trial, two eyewitnesses - boyfriend and girlfriend - testified that Attorney Jordan’s client, along with another man, robbed them at gunpoint and drove off in their car. In fact, shortly after the crime had been committed, Attorney Jordan’s client was found in a motel room with credit cards belonging to the two people who had been robbed and carjacked. The credit cards had been used to pay for the motel room. During the trial, Attorney Jordan’s client admitted to having used the stolen credit cards, but he denied any involvement in to the armed robbery and carjacking.