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Road rage is angry behavior exhibited by motorists. The behavior can include dangerous driving methods that target other drivers. The result of such behavior is altercations, damage to property, collision, physical injuries or even death. In the case of this blog post, a 6-year old was killed. Social media was one of the tools used by police to build a case against the shooter and the driver and take them into custody.


California Child Killed in Road Rage Incident
On May 21, 2021, a little boy age 6, was killed while on the way to kindergarten. The boy was sitting in a booster seat on the right rear passenger side when someone in another vehicle opened fire between 7:55 and 8:15 a.m. on the northbound 55 Freeway. The Child was rushed to Children's Hospital of Orange County, where he was pronounced dead. The shooter, Marcus Antony Eriz, 24 and the driver, 23-year-old Wynne Lee, were taken into custody at their home on Sunday, June 7, 2021.

Suspect Showed Ownership of Firearm on Instagram Posts
Surveillance, tips and an investigation which included a post on Instagram, all played a part in identifying the suspects in the killing of the 6-year old. Officials received a tip and were able to enhance an image of the tags on the shooter’s vehicle. This helped them identify the couple and they began an investigation of the couple’s background and determined the route they used to their workplaces.

An Instagram post by Eriz showed ownership of firearms. One of the weapons displayed in posts on Instagram showed a gun capable of delivering the shot that killed the child. If convicted, Eriz could be sentenced to 40 years to life in prison. The driver was charged as an accessory after the fact and a misdemeanor for carrying the concealed weapon in the vehicle. She could be imprisoned in a state facility for 3 years and another year in a county facility.

Have You Been Arrested? Do You Think You Are Being Investigated? Stay Off Social Media.
Have you been arrested and are on bond awaiting trial? Do you expect to be arrested? Do you think you are being investigated? Stay off social media. Speak to your lawyer about your social media presence. He will likely advise you not to use social media for any purpose until your case is resolved. It makes no sense to make it easier for police and prosecutors to get evidence on you.

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