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Armed Robbery
Felony Firearm

Imprisonment for Life or Any Term of Years

Carjacking - Not Guilty by Jury
Armed Robbery - Not Guilty by Jury
Felony Firearm - Not Guilty by Jury

When a Detroit man found himself facing carjacking, armed robbery and felony firearm charges he retained criminal defense Attorney Carl Jordan. He was charged with the three extremely serious felony charges after two people reported to the police that he robbed them at gunpoint and drove off in their car. He was found in a motel room with credit cards belonging to the two people who had been robbed and carjacked. The credit cards had been used to pay for the motel room.

The case went to trial at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit. During the jury trial, two eyewitnesses testified that Attorney Jordan’s client, along with another man, had committed the armed robbery and carjacking. During the trial, Attorney Jordan’s client admitted to using the stolen credit cards, but he denied any involvement in to the armed robbery and carjacking.

Attorney Jordan fought the case and the client was found not guilty on all three felony charges.

750-529A Carjacking, 750-529 Robbery-Armed, 750-227B-A Weapons Felony Firearm
When you are charged with multiple crimes that include carjacking, armed robbery and felony weapons charges you may be sentenced to any number of years imprisonment up to life. A person accused of multiple serious felonies should hire an attorney who is experienced and has demonstrated knowledge in defending clients against these types of crimes. The attorney must be committed to fighting to get the jury to acquit you.

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When you face multiple serious felonies you need an expert in criminal defense law. Criminal law is the only type of law Carl Jordan practices. He has represented clients in hundreds of criminal cases. He works to get you the best possible outcome for your case. He has proven his criminal defense skills in cases throughout the state. Don't settle for anything less than the best when your freedom is on the line.

Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Jordan can provide the solid and tireless defense that you need when facing felony charges for Armed Robbery, Carjacking and Weapons charges. As a former assistant prosecutor, Attorney Jordan knows the criminal process from both sides and will use his insight to your advantage. You can set up a free consultation with Attorney Carl Jordan. He will explore your legal options and the issues affecting your case. He will work to keep you safe from a felonious assault conviction. Contact Carl Jordan at 248 358-6647 or text him at 313 282-0869.

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