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Assault With a Dangerous Weapon (Felonious Assault)
Weapons Felony Firearm

Two-year Prison Sentence

Assault With a Dangerous Weapon (Felonious Assault) - Not Guilty by Jury
Weapons Felony Firearm - Not Guilty by Jury

On July 21, 2016, the case of People v Charles Adams went to trial at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit. The defendant, a young man in his twenties was facing a mandatory two-year prison term if convicted of Felonious Assault and Felony Firearm.

During the trial, a police officer testified that Attorney Jordan's client pointed a gun at him. Attorney Jordan's client denied doing so. Furthermore, Attorney Jordan's client admitted he lied to police about being at the scene.

It took the jury less than 10 minutes of deliberation to find the defendant Not Guilty.