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Jordan's client is found NOT GUILTY of Assault, Weapons Felony and Domestic Violence

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Carl and I met three years ago on a case that ruined my life and what I have built. Carl has been with me since day one. I first sat down with Carl not knowing too much about his résumé. He said, do you know who you’re messing with and I said, no. He said Johnny Cochran baby and I said yes. You’re my guy. My case went to trial, and this man fought for me, and was there with me since the very beginning. We won the case in front of a jury of 12, and now, my life can get back to some normalcy.

Carl I love you brother. You are a part of my family and a part of me. I thank you for fighting the fight for me.

If you’re looking for one of the best, hands-down, it's Carl Jordan.

Assault With a Dangerous Weapon (Felonious Assault) 750/82
Weapons Felony Firearm 750/227B-A
Domestic Violence 750/812

Up to 4 Years in Prison and a fine of up to $6,000

All Charges: Not Guilty by Jury

Carl Jordan gets three NOT GUILTY verdicts for his client.