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Man Facing Serious Drug Charges Is Found NOT GUILTY

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Complete Google Review From Defendant's Fiance

My fiance was looking at years in prison for a drug crime. He was on probation and was being charged for manufacturing 200+ plants of marijuana. They wanted to also charge him with the habitual offense, being that he was on probation and had previous offenses on his record. They tried to trick him into pleading guilty and pay a fine, but that would mean he would have to go to jail for the other offense because of his probation. Carl Jordan sat down with us and went through the entire process with us. Reassuring us that everything would be fine. I was going through a highrisk pregnancy, so stress was the last thing i needed. Carl Jordan took that stress off of me. When i could not be there in court, he would call and keep me in the loop. He helped me find a bondsman to bond my fiance out at a cheap price. He told us to have a bench trial instead of a jury trial. Long story short, he got my boyfriend a NOT GUILTY verdict. When i heard that all i could do was cry tears of joy.

Carl Jordan made sure that my fiance would be there for the birth of his son. If there is any lawyer i would call again it would be him. I recommend him to everyone in need of a lawyer. He really cares about his clients and the clients family, and works with you even if you have money issues, as long as you are honest. We owe everything to Carl Jordan. He really gave us our lives back.

Carl Jordan's client is found not guilty of serious drug charges.