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He was Falsely Accused of Assault With Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm less Than Murder

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Carl Jordan was a true blessing to me. He took his time to listen to my problem and was very patient with me and understood my situation. I was accused of a crime I did not commit. A woman wrongly beared false witness against me by saying she did not remember me actually committing the crime but I did. I, Carl and many others were confused to how she said I committed this crime and didn't remember me doing what she said I did. So the question was asked. How do you know he committed this crime against you if you don't remember him doing it and she said, because he told me he did it, even though she could not remember. I was accused of great bodily harm with strangulation with the intent to murder. I can't even kill bugs let alone harm another human being. The case was dismissed because Carl's summary to the Judge explained that the case should have been thrown out in preliminary hearing for the simple fact that she said she couldn't remember a crime so harsh was committed against her. It's kind of obvious that anyone should and would have remembered if someone strangled them. Truth is I never strangled this lady with the intention of killing her. I felt like the system was against me until Carl and the honorable Judge Cox showed me the judicial system can be trusted. Thank you so much Mr Carl Jordan for your time and your efforts in proving my case to be justified as an innocent man. I literally cried when the case was dismissed. Justice works. God bless you and your family Mr Carl Jordan !!!

Assault With Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm less Than Murder 750/84
Domestic Violence 750/812

Up to 10 Years in Prison

Charges Dismissed

The charges Carl Jordan's client was facing were dismissed.