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Carl Jordan Wins Tremendous Victory

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Assault With Intent to Murder
Robbery - Armed
Weapons - Firearms - Possession by Felon
Weapons Felony Firearm

Up to life in prison

All Charges: Not Guilty by Jury

Earning  acquittals on all counts for a case involving multiple violent felonies is rare.  In this case, Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Jordan achieved the four acquittals through hard work and by strategically demonstrating to the jury the evidentiary weaknesses in the case.

The Trial
When a Detroit man was accused of shooting and leaving a man dead, he proclaimed his innocence, but Wayne County prosecutors brought criminal charges. Unfortunately, the man had a prior felony conviction on his record. If convicted, he faced serious consequences, including substantial prison time. Concerned with avoiding prison time, he did the smart thing. He hired Attorney Carl Jordan who reviewed the evidence against him and deemed the evidence to be weak and the credibility of the witness as questionable. With that in mind, he moved to push the case to trial.

With Judge Michael M. Hathaway presiding, Attorney Jordan's defense was that the evidence and witness were questionable, his client was innocent and that it was someone else who attempted to kill the man. In a three day trial, Attorney Jordan convinced the jury to acquit the man on all charges and find him: NOT GUILTY! Attorney Jordan saved the man’s liberty and the well-being of his family.

About Attorney Carl Jordan
Carl Jordan has successfully defended clients charged with multiple violent felonies. As a former prosecutor in Wisconsin and in Wayne County, Michigan, Mr. Jordan prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases and in the process, gained a wealth of experience with criminal law and the complex criminal justice system. He knows Michigan criminal law and is familiar with the tactics that work in criminal courts. His knowledge will be crucial throughout the criminal process and he will inform you of every legal option available to you.

Carl Jordan believes that everyone is entitled to respect and an expert defense. He will undertake your case passionately and will diligently work on a successful outcome before trial. He will not engage in premature bargaining or compromise, and if possible, he will seek dismissal or dropped charges. If the case does go to trial, he will fight for you every step of the way, utilizing winning strategies gleaned from his past experience. Attorney Jordan stresses appropriate and adequate communication with prosecutors, judges, witnesses and juries. He has earned the respect of prosecutors and judges for zealously representing his clients and achieving favorable resolution of cases without need for trial. Clients are presented in a way that humanizes them and makes them relatable in the eyes of the jury.

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