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Attorney Carl Jordan One of the best-known and most respected trial attorneys in the Metropolitan Detroit area, Carl Jordan brings unmatched experience to criminal defense law. Mr. Jordan, a former Wayne County Prosecutor, knows “both sides of the fence.” As such, he is able to prepare compelling defense strategies for his clients that render “not guilty” verdicts in many instances. In addition to this very unique skill set, Mr. Jordan is smart, aggressive and passionate, a true tour de force in the courtroom.

Mr. Jordan spent the early years of his law career working for the State of Wisconsin as an Assistant Attorney General and as an Assistant District Attorney. From there, he moved to Michigan where he worked in the public and private sectors practicing corporate and criminal defense law both in and out of the Detroit area. Most notably for Lewis and Munday, P.C. and Hettinger and Hettinger, P.C. Futhermore, Mr. Jordan served the County of Wayne for more than two years as an Assistant Prosecutor. During his tenure at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, Attorney Jordan handled hundreds of criminal cases at both the pre-trial and trial stages. His experience provides an excellent foundation for a criminal defense attorney. He leverages all previous experience to provide excellent criminal defense representation to all clients.

In 2003 Attorney Jordan established Carl Jordan Law Firm. He specializes in criminal defense law. Since the begining he has been a winning force for his clients in court. He has defended clients accused of everything from misdemeanors to capital felonies. In fact, he defended a client featured on the now defunct television show America's Most Wanted. The client was accused of shooting and leaving a man for dead. Attorney Jordan won an acquittal for client, Jonathon Gunter.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia in 1989 and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1994.

Married with one child, Mr. Jordan enjoys youth mentoring through volunteer public speaking at churches and schools throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area.