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Southfield Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Jordan is dedicated to providing clients in Southeastern Michigan with the finest criminal representation available. During his years of working in the prosecutor's office, Carl Jordan learned how to prepare and analyze a case for trial, how to present a case to a jury and how to make a persuasive argument to a judge. This experience makes the difference in his approach to complex criminal litigation. This is what makes him an excellent criminal defense attorney.

It makes sense to evaluate all your options when facing criminal charges that could affect the rest of your life. Attorney Carl Jordan is an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney you can trust and who can evaluate your case and give you honest answers. It is important to remember that the police and the prosecutors are not operating in your best interests and they are not your friends. The only thing they want is a guilty plea and a conviction. To ensure the best possible outcome, you must have an experienced criminal defense attorney working for you.

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Contact Carl Jordan to discuss the facts of your case. The initial consultation is free.