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Felonious Assault (2 counts)
Felony Firearm

Felonious Assault (2 counts) - Not Guilty
Felony Firearm - Not Guilty

A young man sends his girlfriend to collect his belongings from his parents’ home and his parents end up being charged with felonious assault, felony firearm and misdemeanor assault and battery.

Attorney Jordan’s client was charged with two counts of felonious assault (pointing a gun at his son's girlfriend and her friend) and one count of felony firearm (committing a crime with a gun). His wife was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly attacking her son’s girlfriend.

When the wife of Attorney Jordan’s client went to trial, she was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery. The guilty verdict was based on the testimony of the son’s girlfriend. The girlfriend testified she was beaten by the wife when she came to retrieve her boyfriend's property.

After seeing his wife convicted of the misdemeanor assault and battery in 36th District Court, Attorney Jordan’s client knew he needed an experienced attorney that understood the strategies the prosecutors would use. He needed an attorney who would fight hard for a not guilty verdict.

Following a trial in which Attorney Jordan relentlessly cross-examined the alleged victim and witness, the case went to the jury. After an hour of deliberating, Attorney Jordan’s client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

Carl Jordan's client is found not guilty of several felonies.