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Felonious Assault (2 counts)
Felony Firearm

Up to 6 years in prison
Up to a $2,000 fine

Felonious Assault (2 counts) - Not Guilty
Felony Firearm - Not Guilty

When a young man sent his girlfriend to collect his belongings from his parent’s house, the girlfriend took a friend. After arriving at the home of her boyfriend’s parents, the girlfriend and the parents argued. As a result of that argument, the girlfriend went to the police and accused her boyfriend’s parents of assaulting her. The father was charged with two counts of felonious assault (pointing a gun at his son's girlfriend and her friend) and one count of felony firearm (committing a crime with a gun). His wife was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly attacking her son’s girlfriend.

The wife did not want a plea deal. Her case went to trial and she was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery. The guilty verdict was based on the testimony of the alleged victims.

The wife and husband were astonished at the conviction. The husband realized that he could end up in prison. He decided he needed an experienced attorney with a track record of success, who would fight for a NOT GUILTY verdict. He called Attorney Carl Jordan.

Attorney Jordan examined every piece of evidence. He carefully reviewed the transcripts from the wife’s trial. The prosecution refused to dismiss the charges. Attorney Jordan and his client decided to take the case to trial.

The trial began with the prosecutor calling the alleged victims to testify. During cross-examination, Attorney Jordan was able to show inconsistencies between the accounts of the alleged victims. During closing arguments, Attorney Jordan stood before the jury and pointed out the inconsistencies in testimony. He told the jury that they could only return a verdict of not guilty because there was a significant amount of doubt about his client being guilty.

After closing arguments were delivered, the case went to the jury. After an hour of deliberating, Attorney Jordan’s client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

About This Case
Felonious assault is a severe criminal charge in Michigan, and has very serious consequences for the alleged perpetrator. When combined with a felony firearm charge, prison is mandatory. When there are two people involved in the crime and one has already been convicted, it is an uphill battle to get an acquittal for the other person. It is very important that the attorney handling a case like this has experience in defending clients accused of assault and weapons crimes.

About Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Jordan
Carl Jordan has a reputation for being a "trial lawyer" who presents a credible threat of obtaining an acquittal. He has defended many clients facing charges that appeared to be hopeless and achieved results that other lawyers were unable to obtain.

No matter how daunting the criminal charges against you may be, Carl Jordan can provide the aggressive and effective representation you need to secure the best possible outcome in your case. He scrutinizes the evidence against you for illegal evidence or procedural errors that can be used to destroy the case against you. He investigates the facts of your case to uncover new evidence for your defense that could prove your innocence or cast reasonable doubt on your guilt. He will stand beside you each step of the way, passionately advocating for your rights and protecting your future against the consequences of undeserved or unduly harsh punishment.

If you have been charged with a felonious assault crime, call Attorney Jordan at 248 358-6647 for a free consultation.

Carl Jordan's client is found not guilty of several felonies.