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Felony Charges Dismissed

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Assault with dangerous weapon
Weapons felony firearm
Malicious destruction of property $200 to $1000

Imprisonment for not more than 4 years or a fine of not more than $2,000.00, or both

Assault with dangerous weapon - Dismissed
Weapons felony firearm - Dismissed
Malicious destruction of property $200 to $1000 - 1 year of probation

When a Warren woman was arrested for firing shots at her girlfriend during a love triangle dispute, she hired Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Jordan to defend her.

The events leading to her arrest started when her ex-girlfriend came for a visit hoping to rekindle their relationship. During the ex-girlfriend’s visit, the current girlfriend showed up. This led to arguments. The current girlfriend exited the home, got in her car and tried to drive away, but her girlfriend opened fire on her striking the window of the passenger-side rear door. Warren police arrived and arrested the Warren woman.

After the trial was scheduled, Attorney Jordan filed a request for a hearing on a motion. At that hearing, he argued before Judge Diane M. Druzinski, that evidence in support of the two felonies was lacking and made a motion that the evidence should be quashed. His motion was granted and the two felony charges were dismissed. The trial was canceled and the defendant was immediately sentenced to one year of probation on the misdemeanor.

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