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Assault With Intent to Murder
Assault With Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder
Weapons - Dangerous Weapon - Carrying With Unlawful Intent
Weapons Felony Firearm
Weapons-Firearms-Brandishing in Public

Up to life in prison

Assault With Intent to Murder - NOT GUILTY BY BENCH
Assault With Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm less Than Murder - NOT GUILTY BY BENCH
Weapons - Dangerous Weapon - Carrying With Unlawful Intent - NOT GUILTY BY BENCH
Weapons Felony Firearm - NOT GUILTY BY BENCH
Weapons-Firearms-Brandishing in Public - Found Guilty by Bench: 1 Year Probation

When a 26-year-old male was charged with multiple serious felonies, his court appointed attorney only wanted to talk about how much time he would have to serve. The court appointed attorney wanted him to take the first plea deal that was offered. The plea deal would put him in prison for many years.

The young man’s mother searched for a lawyer to defend her son, but every criminal defense attorney she called brushed her off. Then, she called Criminal Defense Lawyer Carl Jordan who discussed the case from a perspective of going to trial and presenting an aggressive defense. Mr. Jordan was hired to represent the defendant.

Mr. Jordan assessed the case and made the decision that the defendant would have a better chance if the judge decided guilt or innocence. A waiver of trial by jury was signed and filed. Mr. Jordan presented his defense. As a result of Attorney Jordan’s defense, the client was found Not Guilty of four felony charges. The firth charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and the defendant was sentenced to a one year probation.

750.83 Assault with Intent to Commit Murder
Assault with intent to commit murder was the most serious charge facing Mr. Jordan's client. Any individual who assaults another person and who intends to murder or kill that person will be found guilty of a felony offense. The punishment for assault with intent to commit murder includes a prison sentence of any number of years to life.

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Carl Jordan has proven himself successful in the most challenging cases. He has won NOT GUILTY verdicts when clients were charged with felonies that would result in decades in prison, or worse, life. If you have been accused of multiple violent crimes, call Carl Jordan. He will fight for your freedom, or the best possible outcome in your case. Contact Carl Jordan and he will take action on your behalf no matter what stage of the criminal process you are in. Contact Carl Jordan at 248 358-6647 or text him at 313 282-0869.