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2nd Degree Murder Conviction Overturned. Carl Jordan Hired for Retrial. Charge Reduced to Manslaughter.

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Google Review From Defendant's Mother

My son had been sentenced to 2nd degree murder in a case that was Clearly Self-Defense and given 52 yrs.

The sentence was over-turned and we hired Carl.

I was impressed with Mr. Jordan's fearless yet passionate approach and knowledge of the Law, regardless of the unjust treatment my son received. During the 2nd trial, Carl never waivered. He was our/my son's voice and he wasn't afraid to speak.

The sentence was reduced to manslaughter. Not the outcome we wanted but one we will take for now. Mr Carl Jordan is excellant at his Job and if I knew 4 yrs ago about him what I know now I'm 100% sure things would've went better the 1st time.

Carl Jordan's client is found not guilty of serious drug charges.