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A 23-year-old woman should have gotten a year in jail.
Attorney Jordan negotiated a sentence of 10 days of community services.

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The Complete Google Review
Carl Jordan was recommended to me by one of my close friends who had hired him to help her with a driving under the influence case a few years ago. I hired Mr. Jordan to represent my 23-year-old daughter who did something so stupid I don’t want to go into specifics. She should have been sentenced to a year in jail. When I hired Mr. Jordan he told me that he didn’t know if he could keep her out of jail, but he was going to try.

Mr. Jordan made several court appearances on the case and in the end, my daughter was only required to do 10 days of community service with no jail time whatsoever! This outcome was much better than I anticipated. Attorney Carl Jordan is great and I highly recommend him.

Carl Jordan's client should have gotten a year in jail. Instead she got 10 days of community services.