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Murder, Assault and Weapons Charges - NOT GUILTY

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Homicide - Murder First Degree - Premeditated 750/316-A
Assault With Intent to Murder 750/83
Weapons Felony Firearm 750/227B-A
Weapons Felony Firearm 750/227B-A

Imprisonment for life without eligibility for parole

Homicide - Murder First Degree - Premeditated 750/316-A: Not Guilty
Assault With Intent to Murder 750/83: Not Guilty
Weapons Felony Firearm 750/227B-A: Not Guilty
Weapons Felony Firearm 750/227B-A: Not Guilty

A young man was visiting his uncle. As he stood in his uncle’s yard, minding his own business, two men sitting in a car started shouting comments at him. The young man did not know either of the men. He ignored their comments. Suddenly, the men got out of the car and begin running toward him. They said they were going to shoot the young man. One of the men was at least 100 pounds heavier than the young man.

The young man defended himself with his licensed handgun. One of the men died. The young man went to the police and turned himself in. He understood he could not delay as he might be subjected to a violent arrest. He was charged with pre-meditated murder and assault with intent to murder. Because he was accused of a crime against two people and he used his gun in the commission of the alleged crimes, he was automatically charged with two felony firearm charges. . He hired Attorney Carl Jordan

The young man was denied bond. He had no past encounters with law enforcement – not even a traffic ticket. He lived with his wife and children. He had been working as a mechanic and investing in real estate. Upon his arrest, his wife became a single mom.

A Plea Deal Was Offered
The young man was offered a plea deal of 17 years in prison. He did not take it because he knew he was innocent. In conversations with his wife, she told him, “You are telling the truth. Don’t take the plea.”

The Honorable Donald Knapp Presided Over the Jury Trial
At the trial, during cross examination by Carl Jordan, the prosecution’s witness said the two men, that the prosecution referred to as victims, had been sitting on the block drinking all day. Attorney Jordan called his client to the stand and asked questions that described the events leading up to the situation. He helped the jurors understand how the incident unfolded. His client told the whole story from beginning to end.

When Attorney Car Jordan pointed out that this situation happened in a very dangerous neighborhood. The prosecution said the neighborhood is no more dangerous than Farmington Hills, even though it is a known fact that in 2022, Detroit was the 2nd most dangerous city in the USA.

The Verdict was NOT GUILTY to all four charges.

Murder First Degree - Premeditated 750/316-A
Being charged with first-degree murder is one of the most serious legal situations anyone can experience. If convicted, the penalty is imprisonment for life. Anyone being investigated for murder or believes they will be charged with murder should hire an experienced murder attorney immediately. Don’t wait for formal charges. Hire an attorney now to protect your rights.

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Mr. Jordan excels in obtaining good results in murder cases. If you or someone you know is facing charges for murder in Macomb, Oakland or Wayne County, Attorney Jordan can offer a top quality legal defense that will vigorously investigate each aspect of your case. This includes ensuring the police follow proper protocol, and that your legal rights are upheld and protected throughout the entire process. He also explores any circumstances that can reduce your charges. If you’ve been accused of murder, you must have an attorney by your side who is experienced in fighting murder charges. Call Carl Jordan at 248 358-6647. He will tell you about his success in fighting murder charges. The initial consultation is free.