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Her Husband's Ex-girlfriend Falsely Accused her of Assault and Battery. She Decided to Lawyer Up.

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Simple Assault and Battery

Up to 93 days in jail, $500 fine and 1 year probation

Simple Assault and Battery - NOT GUILTY

Attorney Jordan’s client was charged with simple assault and battery after the mother of her husband’s son accused her of assault. She faced the possibility of being incarcerated for 93 days and a fine of $500 and court costs. There was also the possibility of being placed on probation and having her life scrutinized by a probation officer for up to a year or so.

The charges arose when Attorney Jordan’s client accompanied her husband to drop off his son to his mother. The son’s mother made the accusation that Attorney Jordan’s client threw snowballs and tried to attack her. A neighbor corroborated the complainant's story.

During the trial, Attorney Jordan’s cross-examination of the complainant revealed that the charges were false and an attempt by the complainant to make his client’s life miserable. Cross examination also revealed that the eyewitness was a friend who came to court to lie for her friend.

After Attorney Jordan discredited the complainant and the witness, his client was found NOT Guilty. The client left the courtroom with an unblemished record.

Assault and Battery
There are seven primary assaultive crimes in Michigan's criminal law statutes; five of which are felonies: murder (first and second degree); assault with the intent to murder; assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder; and, felonious assault (assaulting someone with a weapon) - then two misdemeanors: aggravated assault; and simple assault and battery.

Although the least severe of the assaultive crimes, simple assault and battery has consequences that can create hardships. Besides the possibility of your freedom being taken away for 93 days, there are also fines and costs, and the possibility of being placed on probation - where your life is scrutinized by a probation officer for up to a year or so. As with all criminal charges, it is important to never assume that you will be walking out of the courtroom after you have been sentenced. A top criminal attorney is crucial in convincing a judge that if convicted you will never spend a night in jail.

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